In the 1990s I travelled around 48 of the states in the United States and was astounded by the level of anger I found among ordinary middle income Americans. I wrote a book, published by Penguin in 1998, about my experiences called THE UNITED STATES OF ANGER. The themes of that book explain why Donald Trump is to be the next President of the United States. I thought that sections of the book would appeal to readers today, and so I have begun to place some of the text in the BOOKS section of my website. The roots of the Trump presidency extend back to the economic "good times" of the Clinton presidency, when the fissure between the richest Americans and those left behind began to open wide. If Americans were angry -- and they were -- during the period of great economic growth in the 1990s, you can imagine the impact the recession has had on ordinary working people. Let me know what you think -